Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maintaining Your Car? Maintaining Your Relationship?

Did you put gas in the car?  Check the oil?  Check the tire pressure?  Why do people check various aspects of their car on a regular basis?  Does it help your car to last longer and to drive well?
What about your relationship?  Are you putting time and energy in your relationship?  Checking the communication aspect?  Checking the "kindness" tally?  Is it important for you to keep your relationship in good shape?

We spend a lot of time and energy maintaining and supporting our health, our career,  and our social life.  Ultimately, though, are we devoting some time and energy into maintaining and supporting our intimate relationship with our spouse?

  • Date Night is an essential component of having "couple time".  It is a time to be free of the kids, the TV, and other distractions.  It is a time to totally focus on one another and to revitalize that "spark" that is within each of you.
  • Marriage Retreats are an opportunity for couples to get away for a "mini-honeymoon".  One or two nights away from home, reenergizes the love and the commitment within one's marriage.
  • Taking a walk encourages a couple to talk with one another and to listen to one another.  Take the time to observe signs of nature all around you.  Reflect on God's creation as you walk around a nature park, in the mountains or near the ocean.
  •  The book, 101 Conversation Starters, by Gary Chapman opens up worlds of ideas, thoughts and feelings.  Keep the book on your dinner table and continue to grow as a couple.
  •  Couple Relationships Skills programs abound around the nation.  They guide couples in exploring their "communication skills", their "conflict resolution strategies" and their "role relationship identity".

If you invest wisely in maintaining and supporting your marriage, the dividends will pay off for a lifetime of committed love to one another. 

For a listing of marriage programs in your state go to: 

 If you live in the Albuquerque, N.M. area, go to www.HealthyRelationships101.com to find out more about relationship, marriage and parenting programs. 


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